Use a framer that cares enough about your possessions to stay up to date with the latest techniques and materials

NOT all Framers are Equal!

Custom framing can be an investment. When you're framing something that has value or is valuable to you. Take your framing items to someone who has the knowledge of the best way to mount them, someone who knows what materials to use and which ones not to use for each specific item. Technology in preservation framing is changing all the time use a framer that is current with all the materials and know how.

Malia H. Bolt, MCPF (2008)

Malia Bolt received her MCPF (MASTER CERTIFIED PICTURE FRAMER) in February 2008. MCPF is the highest level of achievement in the framing industry.

The Professional Picture Framers Association (PPFA) announced that at its annual convention in Las Vegas Malia Bolt, became only the 48th person in the world to earn its highest level of professionalism; MASTER CERTIFIED PICTURE FRAMER.

Bolt, after intense scrutiny of four pieces that she framed before the convention, and one random piece she was asked to complete at the convention was granted her MCPF by a group of international judges. The pieces were disassembled, analyzed, and scored by the judges. She was judged on creativity, accuracy, preservation, and design.  Many people never make it to this level of professionalism, much less past the criticism of the judges.